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The 6th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (ICMSE2018) will be held on Dec.22-23 in Wuhan, China. The aim of ICMSE2018 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Materials Science and Engineering. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. All accepted papers will be submitted to SCI/EI Journals:


Guideline Download: English Template

Submission E-mail: mseconf@126.com; mse2013@163.com;mseconf@outlook.com



EI期刊-通信工程与计算科学杂志 月刊 EI正刊 EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-控制工程与自动化杂志 月刊 EI正刊 EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-生物技术与生物医学工程杂志 月刊 正刊 确定录用后能快速见刊, EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-材料科学与工程、纳米技术等杂志 双月刊 确定录用后能快速见刊,EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-电气与电子工程杂志 季刊 正刊 EI检索正常 征稿20篇
EI期刊-传感器网络、智能感知与智能系统杂志, 季刊 正刊 出版周期快,EI检索稳定征稿30篇
EI期刊-计算机工程、多媒体、信息、网络、计算安全等杂志 季 月刊 EI正刊 EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-智能电网、电力工程、分布式计算等杂志季 I 正刊 EI检索稳定 征稿20篇
EI期刊-土木工程、地质、岩土、建筑、桥梁、地球科学与工程等杂志 季刊 正刊 EI检索正常 征稿30篇

国际SCI期刊源-能源环境、残渣科学与技术杂志 正刊发表 季刊 中科院四区19年见刊 征稿10篇;
国际SCI期刊-纳米技术与微纳米应用等杂志 双月刊 正刊发表 中科院分类为4区 Impact Factor :0.9左右,19年见刊 征稿10篇;;
国际SCI期刊-传感测量与控制工程 季刊 正 刊 Impact Factor :1.90以上 中科院三区 见刊时间 第四季度见刊;
国际SCI期刊-机械工程、摩擦力学 季刊 正刊发表 Impact Factor :0.70以上 中科院四区, 见刊时间2018年下半年
国际SCI期刊-农业与食品科学杂志,月刊,正刊发表 19年见刊 征稿20篇;
国际SCI期刊-化学与高分子科学 月刊 正刊发表 19 年见刊 征稿20篇;
国际SCI期刊-土木工程杂志 正刊发表 中科院分类为4区 双月刊 Impact Factor :0.5以上 征稿25篇;
国际SCI杂志-先进材料科学工程杂志 正刊 月刊 中科院3区 Impact Factor:2.5以上,2019年见刊
国际SCI杂志-纳米电子学与光电子学工程杂志 正刊 中科院4区 Impact Factor:0.3以上 2019年见刊



● 接受对公或对私汇款,可以开具国际、国内正式发票(版面费,会议费,会务费,审稿费,翻译费)任选一个;
● 本轮征稿原则是先投稿、先审稿、先注册、先出版的原则安排



会务组邮箱: mseconf@126.com


电话号码:(+86)15972196066 王老师. 微信同号

王老师QQ:75986686 (AM 9:00-PM 12:00, PM 14:00-PM 17:00, Monday to Friday)


文章篇幅控制在7页以上;字数3000以上,文章撰写语言为英语; 文章必须有较好的英语表达水平,有图,有表有数据或设计,有算法( 方案,模型),实验,仿真等。拒绝抄袭,机械性的论文。 文章内容重复率不能超过20%,论文务必保证原创性,图标、公式、引文等要素齐备,已发表或引用过度的文章将不会被出版和检索.参考图表分辨率必须达到 300 dpi;文章摘要需控制在100-200字符左右;参考文献必须添加至15个以上,且一半的引用文献应该来自于近5年内的出版物.

Notice 1:
ICMSE 2018 has 60-70 reviewers, which continue to increase. To ensure the quality of the conference proceedings, the received papers will submit to rigorous peer review.
Here are the basic requirements for the paper:
1. Only English Manuscript is acceptable.
2. The paper need to be innovative.
3. Plagiarism is prohibited. Please submit only the up-to-date and original work, not previously published or copyrighted. Prospective authors are expected to submit only their own original works. Submitted works will be compared to over 20 million articles in databases worldwide. Manuscripts that violate publication principles will be rejected. Moreover, if the violation is deemed to be severe, the related disciplinary actions will be taken by publisher.
4. The paper should no less than 4 pages.
5. The draft version of paper must be submitted for review before the due submission deadline.

Notice 2:

All manuscripts submitted have to be related to the scope of the conference via TTP's online tool by the corresponding author. The paper could not be or under any other conference or journal for consideration and all submissions must describe current original research of international interest. All reviews would be completed via TTP's online tool; plagiarism in all its forms is unacceptable, which is enforced by TTP strictly via CrossCheck. All papers are subject to a final TTP internal review and can be rejected without further information. After acceptance of paper, all papers have to be presented by at least one of the authors at the conference. Otherwise, the author could not be allowed to submit papers at the conference for three years.

The 4th ICMSE all accepted papers have been published in Vol.1081 of AMR.
ICMSE 4th Direct link at TTP,http://www.scientific.net/conference-1068
ICMSE 4th Direct link at ASET, http://www.asetrc.org/index.aspx?menuid=31&language=en


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